«SCP-1981 is a standard Betamax tape. “RONALD REGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING”(sic) has been handwritten on the adhesive sticker in felt tip pen. Laboratory analysis indicates that SCP-1981 is made of ordinary material, and serial numbers correspond with home cassette tapes produced in September of 1980. SCP-1981 was initially encountered by a filing clerk in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in 1991, who upon watching it alerted the police, with the intent to find the tape’s creator to press “obscenity charges”. A low level police investigation was conducted, at which point the Foundation was alerted and secured SCP-1981. Class A amnesiacs were administered before █████ could be notified. Further investigation of the library’s records by Foundation personnel failed to yield any leads on SCP-1981’s origin.

SCP-1981 appears to be a home video recording of former United States President Ronald Reagan delivering his “Evil Empire” speech to the National Association of Evangelicals at Sheraton Twin Towers Hotel, Orlando, FL on 3/8/1983. However, at 1 minute and 10 seconds, the speech begins to deviate heavily, eventually resembling no known speech ever made by Reagan. Beginning at approximately 5 minutes, multiple incisions, lacerations and penetration wounds can be seen being slowly inflicted, though no corresponding source of these wounds is visible. Despite suffering bodily harm that would likely incapacitate an ordinary person, Reagan will continue to deliver his speech until either his vocal cords are severed or the tape degrades to static at 22:34.»

From the archives of the SCP Foundation ]


“SCP-1091 is a sentient entity that resides in radio receiving and transmitting devices. If its host device possesses microphone (or shortwave reception equipment) and speakers in, SCP-1091 is capable of communicating.

SCP-1091 is capable of transferring itself between hosts by radio signal, at a range dependent on the broadcast power of its host device. Given the opportunity, it will use its ability to transfer between devices rapidly in an attempt to [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1091 must not be allowed to reach its destination. Should such a scenario become a possibility, MTF Lambda-W is to refer to Recall Protocol 1091-Alpha.”

[ From the archives of the SCP Foundation ]

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Grabaciones obtenidas en █████████, durante exposición al fenómeno ███████████ (en video), realizando el procedimiento █████████ █████████████. Se siguieron protocolos tal como se instruye en el manuscrito █████████ ███████, libro ███, capítulo █, escrito por █████████ de ██████ (el Joven).

Recordings obtained in █████████, during exposition to phenomena ███████████ (in video), while performing procedure █████████ █████████████. Protocols followed as instructed in the manuscript █████████ ███████, book ███, chapter █, written by █████████ of ██████ (the Younger).

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